Sunday, July 14, 2013

Year in Review

2103 has been quite a year for the McLean Family.  Morgan has finished up first grade and will be going into second grade in the Fall.  She has played a slew of different sports throughout the year and continues to love to try them all.  She has done very well in her Irish Step Dancing, placing 2 first places, 1 second place and 1 third in her final Feis of the year.

Maddie has grown tremendously.  From the girl we dropped off at day care crying and clinging to me to the girl now in front of me who gets on the bus, goes to camp and is doing so many more things by herself - it's been probably the most noticeable change I can remember.  She's going to start Pre-K in the fall at Morgan's school and we couldn't be happier.  She's funny and smart but she's still able to fall apart pretty easily too - especially after a long day at camp.

Connor has a personality all his own - he's complete boy and that's just so fun for us! Though the girls have taught him to talk a lot and whine, he loves to wrestle, try new things, and is fearless as we learned recently - when it comes to things like swimming in the pool.  He's bright and he's hilarious and I'm so thankful he's ours!

Here are some of my favorite pics from this past year. ( I can't seem to find a bunch of them, but here's the ones I can find):

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A post without pictures?!

Well, it's March. I know I say this all the time, but I really can't believe how time is flying.  This winter has been brutal for us - mostly just because of kids being sick and all the snow we've had.  The two go hand-in-hand, I think.  Being stuck inside certainly hasn't helped us get better.  But, right now we seem to be in a good place where we are healthy.  And despite the 20" inches of snow we just got yesterday, we seem to be going to be getting warmer weather.

( Of course, the computer is acting up - I'm surprised I can even post this so I can't seem to get the pictures on here yet. So, hence, the title - this is a picture-less post!)

February was a great month - it brought us Uma and Upa who came for a visit.  It's their first time that I can remember coming in the true winter months and we definitely showed them a New England winter.  THey arrived one week after the Blizzard of '13 where we had 2 feet of snow and the wind and weather was quite bitter cold.  Plus we had a few more inches of snow fall while they were here.  

Unfortunately, the girls had the flu that week and I myself had a 103 temp the first day they were here.  It wasn't quite the welcoming we had planned but we got in lots of cuddle time and some good old-fashioned fun.  We played lots of Zingo (great game for 3 year olds by the way), Mouse Trap, movie watching, and even a delicious Thanksgiving-like dinner for my 35 year old self! (Thank you Uma and Upa).  And we made it out to Kings for a little mini-bowl where Connor showed off his climbing and running skills.

It was a great visit and lots of fun to catch up.  Now, we're into March.  We just found out that Maddie has been accepted to Southfield for Pre-K next year - where Kevin works and Morgan goes to school! We are super excited (and nervous) but know she'll have a blast and she's in excellent hands!

Morgan and Kevin are now on a 2 week vacation.  Wait til Kevin gets a load of the list I'm leaving him!!! Lots to do and catch up on - but with plenty of time to have fun!  Morgan and Gamma will have some quality time together - I think some lunch at the American Girl store is in the plan book.  She's growing up way too fast - that's for sure.  Morgan has been loving sports at school this year - learning how to ice skate, improving at basketball, and she had a great soccer coach in Dedham this year who we hope to get in the spring too.  

Maddie is growing up and talking a ton.  It seems she's making more and more connections at school and is able to come home now and talk about her day.  She's still got that amazing sense of humor - boy is she funny - though with that can come a terrible temper when she doesn't want to do something (like clean up).  She still hasn't lost the thumb-sucking or hand down shirt pose when she's tired - I've seen lots of that these days! She loves to run - wherever we go - and I think I might see a future track star in her future.  She even put pillows out in the living room floor to jump over them- just like the hurdles!  It was pretty clever.  She is eagerly awaiting her 4th birthday and talks about it almost daily.  If only May were a little closer.

But, first we will celebrate Connor's 2nd birthday in April.  Connor is all boy.  Even after teaching all boys for 5 years I never quite understood it until I had my own.  They just march to a completely different drum but it's so awesome!  He loves to wrestle, climb, push, pull and basically do anything physical.  He has a great relationship with both his sisters - on different levels.  He plays well with Maddie - they pretend, run around the house, play hide-and-seek.  With Morgan he loves her to carry him around, to sit on her back and make her give him a ride like he's on a horse.  He's also talking up a storm.  Maddie drew a picture the other day and asked Kevin what he thought of it.  Connor answered, "Oh, that is nice!" And he loves to snuggle.  

And what Mom doesn't love that?  So we are growing up and moving along and enjoying every moment knowing that things will not always like this.  One day, not too far away, we will be traipsing all over New England bringing each of them to their sporting evens and rarely having family together time.  At least, that's what I'm told my future consists far now, we love Friday night movie nights and cuddling on the couch.  Love the snow days (though we could do without any more snow) and family together time.  And Mother Nature - if you are listening - it wouldn't hurt for some signs of spring - we are definitely ready for that!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Christmas and New Years - as usual - must have gone by in "ludicrous" speed....yes, I took that from Spaceballs (the movie)!  Ryan, Ali, Luke, Nolan and Uncle Bob all came on from DC to spend the week with us. Auntie Annie came from South Boston.  It was filled with lots of laughs, memories and lots of time for cousins to catch up and play.


Despite a little stomach bug on my part (and Maddie & Connor who were kind enough to wait for Christmas to be over), we celebrated the Christmas season at the Frog Pond in Boston, the Pops at Symphony Hall, and our traditional party at Gamma and Papa's house on Christmas Eve, with a lovely Mass given by Uncle Arthur (he's Bishop to you!)!  And it wouldn't be Christmas without a visit to the Kennedy's of West Roxbury for a fun and crazy gathering of family.

We must have been very good in the McLean household because Santa was very good to us.  He brought Morgan matching American Girl PJ's and slippers for her and her doll, Kennedy.  Santa brought Maddie her first Itsy Bitsy American Girl baby with a couple of outfits added by Gamma.  And he brought Connor a pirate ship, dump truck, and lots of cars.  Santa even brought something for the whole family - a new pet fish.  Her name is "Blue" - real original since she's blue.  But the hope is that she lasts longer than our last fish (who didn't quite make it a month). Oh, did I mention Maddie also got a tutu?!...

For New Years we made a 4 hour drive each way to New Jersey to visit some old ND friends - the Kobers (Tim was best man in our wedding) and the McCarthy's.  It was great fun to spend it with old friends and have the kids all play together and catch up.  We were kindly reminded how old we've gotten since graduating college almost 13 years ago!  (picts to come)!

We missed our cousins and family out in Seattle (and extended family who's all over!)! You should really prepare yourselves now for our visit out west next year! You will need a year to recover from us!! We're very grateful to NARL (Nolan, Ali, Ryan and Luke) and Bob for making the trip! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a 2013 that full of health and happiness...and pink tutus!